Services and Repairs

Mechanical Repairs

Expertspanners is fully equipped to take on any type of mechanical repair from replacing an engine to fitting a new bulb. There is nothing we don't tackle Brakes, Engines, Diagnostics, Cam Belts, Clutches, Wheel Bearings, Exhausts, Batteries, Alternators, Shock Absorbers, Springs, Suspension Bushes, Wishbones, Turbos, Waste gates, Brake Pipes, Welding, Windows & Doors, Dashboards, Heating & Ventilation, Gearboxes, Drive Shafts and so on...

Engine Works

Expertspanners think of the engine as the heart and brain of a vehicle - without it, it's just skin and bones. Engine repair can be tricky but we have the right tools, expertise and experience to get anything done. Sometimes we do recommend engine replacement if it wasn't taken care of properly. It's more cost effective *sometimes if you can find a second hand engine. Take care of your engine, and your car has a better chance of lasting for the long haul. If you stay on top of your engine maintenance and tend to any engine repairs immediately, your car will last longer. We have well skilled technicians to take care your car's engine. You'll get no greater service or advice than from a Expertspanners auto technician.

Bodyshop - Tinkering and Painting

Expertspanners' suite of SMART reconditioning services is the perfect complement to your auto body shop's services. We're expert denters & painters by profession. We promise to make your accident repair experience stress-free and restore your vehicle to it's original beauty, handling & performance. With the help of our highly qualified and trained professionals, we have become a prominent service provider of Tinkering Services that are available for all branded cars. These services are ideal to repair the vehicles as well as make them as per the client's expectations. Our services are available at very affordable prices to the clients and these services are available for maintaining as well as repairing the cars in an efficient way.

We are engaged in Providing Car Painting Services. Our professional staff consider the aesthetic requests of clients and accordingly execute painting jobs. We use premium quality paints that give the a smooth and glossy finish.

Electrical works

For safe and reliable operation, every vehicle depends on a fully functional electrical system. To troubleshoot your vehicle's electrical system, the experts at Expertspanners use specialized diagnostic equipment to access your vehicle's data and pinpoint the cause of any electrical problems. There are dozens of electrical components needed to route power in your vehicle's electrical system and these can vary greatly according to vehicle make, model and age. Your electrical system includes your vehicle's battery, alternator and starter. Many new vehicles also feature sophisticated computer systems that affect functions like steering, brakes, sensors, and more. All of these electrical components make it difficult to diagnose the cause of vehicle electrical problems, but most begin and end with your battery.

Batteries usually last between three and seven years, so it's a smart idea to replace yours every four years as a safety measure. Have your vehicle's electrical system checked immediately if: Your vehicle won't start - you turn your key and hear clicking, grinding, or no sound at all, Interior or dashboard lights do not illuminate properly, Your vehicle runs well, but the headlights dim while you're traveling at low speeds, or idling at a stop. In such situations bring your car to us, diagnose and resolve the problems.

ECM Repairs - Immoboliser Key Programming

ECM stands for Engine Control Module. The primary computer which controls the internal combustion engine, and which communications with other secondary computer modules. No matter the condition of your vehicle computer, Expertspanners will fix it! We stand behind our work, guaranteeing you with a replacement OEM - Not an aftermarket. We provide professional service, quality product with a lifetime warranty and at a great price. Simply put, We will beat All competitors' price!

Expertspanners are the immobiliser repair specialists when it comes to immobiliser bypass modules & immobiliser repair; this includes key coding and re-programming / cloning of remote controls. we do not have to see your vehicle. We can save you money from expensive dealer visits and get you motoring again very quickly, fixing your immobiliser problems. We specialise in the removal and repair of the factory fitted immobiliser, we also supply and code transponder keys.

OBD Scanning

Expertspanners is specialists On-Board Diagnostics service[OBD]. OBD, is a computer-based system built into modern passenger cars that monitors emission related controls and performance of the engine, and detects malfunctions. OBD-II systems provide access to the health information of a vehicle and access to numerous parameters and sensors from the Engine Control Unit (ECU). The OBD2 system offers valuable information, including diagnostic trouble codes, when troubleshooting problems.

OBD diagnostic software communicates with the car and reads the diagnostic information from the car. For the communication, a small OBD adapter is needed in addition. The adapter is attached to a car's OBD2 port. It acts as a bridge between your computer/mobile and the car. Using the adapter, OBD software can communicate with the car and present the diagnostic information in user friendly way. It is the software that brings the real value for you. That's Expertspanners are here.

AC Repairs

When auto air conditioning systems break down, refrigerant leaks. Not only is refrigerant harmful to the environment, it's also harmful to your car. Leaking refrigerant can damage your vehicle's evaporator and compressor. Getting a car air conditioner service at the first sign of trouble will save you both money and time. Come to Expertspanners to Care for an AC service repair before any damage spreads.

At Expertspanners, all AC repair and AC services are handled by well experienced technicians. Your car is in good hands with these expert auto technicians, and they will examine your car's A/C system to see if there is a leak - and if there is, they'll stop it in their tracks before it can affect anything else. When temperatures rise, there's nothing more refreshing than climbing into a cool, air-conditioned car. Over time, however, A/C fittings become loose, O-rings, hoses and seals wear out - and your refreshingly icy blast... stops. Get the blast back with Expertspanners. Our expert auto technicians offer the best car AC service and AC repair at the best prices.

Glass Repairs

Have a chip or crack in your auto glass? Poor driving conditions or even bad weather can damage your windshield with projectiles like rocks on the road, debris, or even hail. Whether the damage is on your windshield, rear or side window, Expertspanners can help. We are expert in providing best auto glass service to the customers in and around OMR stretch, Chennai. Not only do we have certified technicians who can get the job done quickly, our auto glass service uses innovative technology and is built for your convenience.

Brakedown Service

Expertspanners is here for any kind of trouble with your car. We know your vehicle breaking down can be frustrating and even worse it can leave you stranded. So we provide the best service we can to make you feel at ease during such a time. If you ever need emergency vehicle service, call us. We provide towing in addition to repairing your vehicle so you can relax and let us take care of it.

Washing and Cleaning

We all love our cars. (Y)our proudest moment is when the car is new and looks its best. The car is however subjected to all sorts of abuses including the sun, dirt, and smog, all of which can affect the best kept piece of art. We can however restore it to top condition. Expertspanners have a unique mechanized car cleaning concept where cars are getting pampered by the latest equipments including high pressure cleaning machines, spray injection and extraction machines, high powered vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners and so on.

Our Washing and Cleaning process includes vacuuming of car including seats and boot, Washing and cleaning of foot mats, Body Shampooing and washing including door frames, Tyre arches cleaning, Underbody wash, Engine washing and dressing, Side doors cleaning, Dash board polishing, *Body liquid polishing and waxing, *Tyre and alloy polishing, *Scratch proof windshield spray, *Car perfume spray.

* Marked services are done if requested by customer as its costs excludes Washing and Cleaning charges.

Turbo and Wastegate service

Expertspanners have qualified specialists to inspect problems on turbo/turbochargers. Turbos work on exhaust gas, which regulates the speed of the turbocharger turbine and determines the maximum amount of boost delivered to the engine. The turbocharger is designed such that it will usually last as long as the engine. If the engine does not operate properly, one should not assume that the turbocharger is the cause of failure.

It often happens that fully functioning turbochargers are replaced even though the failure does not lie here, but with the engine. Only after all other points have been checked should one check the turbocharger for faults. Turbo problems can be found by following symptoms on diagnostics: Black smoke, Blue smoke, Boost pressure too high, Compressor/turbine wheel defective, High oil consumption, Insufficient power/boost pressure too low, Oil leakage at compressor, Oil leakage at turbine and Turbocharger generates acoustic noise.

Turbos work on exhaust gas, which regulates the speed of the turbocharger turbine and determines the maximum amount of boost delivered to the engine. The wastegate hose is responsible for diverting gases out of the turbo. However, these hoses are subject to immense heat, which when combined with wear and tear, can eventually deteriorate significantly. Problems with wastegate hoses include leaks, blockages, and more.

Common symptoms indicate you may need to replace the Wastegate Hose : Noticeable loss of power or lack of boost, Hissing noise from under the hood, Check Engine light is on. If your wastegate hose is damaged, your engine is not getting the boost it needs from the turbocharger. This compromises performance and can even affect your fuel economy. Don't wait too long if your wastegate hose needs to be replaced. Expertspanners provides you fast and easy Wastegate Hose Cleaning/Replacement service

Car Care and Accessories

Car Washing & Detailing

All of our detailers in Expert Spanners, are trained to the highest caliber on how to take care of a vehicle. Proper procedures along with the right formulas mean your vehicle receives only the best treatment. The goal is to have your car looking as great as it did when you first bought it. Every area of the car is meticulously cleaned, by hand, to insure quality. Beyond simply washing, auto detailing can include elements of cleaning and restoring the exterior and interior of a vehicle such as:

* Washing
* Waxing
* Bug and tar removal
* Clay bar surface / Nano mitt
* Using degreasers
* Dressing outside plastics and rubber
* Waxing / Wax sealant
* Buffing
* Cleaning and dressing tires
* Cleaning the engine
* Dent repair
* Ventilation decontamination
* Headlight restoration
* Touch-Up painting
* Fixing scratches / Marring in the paint / wheels
* Applying paint protective coatings like Ceramic Pro / Opti-Coat Pro
* Applying Paint Protection Film
* Vacuuming interior and trunk
* Steam cleaning
* Cleaning windows and mirrors
* Cleaning door jambs
* Cleaning the dashboard, console, vents and components
* Cleaning and dressing interior leather, vinyl and rubber
* Spot cleaning the interior roof
* Shampooing the seats, mats, carpets and door panels

Tyres & Alignment


Quality Tyres are an incredibly important factor in car performance and safety. They also underpin other vehicle safety factors such as traction control, anti-lock brakes and stability control. Surprisingly - given rarely a day goes past when we don't roll to and fro on a set of tyres - many people don't understand what components actually go into a quality tyre. Lack of awareness of the impact of tyre performance on vehicle safety often means price is the sole driver of the purchasing decision, with many customers remaining unaware of the impacts of lesser quality tyres on their vehicle's handling and performance. At Expert Spanners, we'll be honest with you about what your car needs to be fully optimised - irrespective of price. We offer a range of high quality tyres to suit your needs, from various brands. Our focus is on making sure you're as safe on the roads as possible.

Here are the punchy bits facts about Tyres.
1. Tyres first - Even the best anti-lock brake systems cannot overcome the effects of poor tyres on a vehicle.
2. Tread carefully - The minimum legal tread depth is 1.6mm, but the recommended minimum tread in wet conditions is 3 mm
3. Car tyres can deflate up to 2psi a month. Under-inflated tyres are thought to be one of the key factors in tyre blow outs and reduced handling.
Quick Tips for Tyre Care
1. Hit the ground running. Have your tyres balanced and an alignment done when you get new tyres.
2. Always check your tyre pressure and keep them at the recommended placard pressure at all times - this not only prolongs the life of your tyre, but it provides better fuel efficiencies too.
3. Avoid potholes and gutters as much as possible.
4. Drive cautiously. This is Common Sense 101. Just because you have new tyres doesn't mean you can drive faster around corners or stop quicker. While the benefits of having quality tyres might provide this, putting your tyres under unnecessary stress wears them out faster.
5. Check your tread regularly. Finding signs of wear and tear and getting a new wheel alignment or your tyres rotated could save you from unnecessary costs.
Brands available in Expert Spanners
Wheel Alignment

Ensuring your wheels are accurately aligned improves both the performance and longevity of your tyres. Wheels often become misaligned by hitting potholes, bumps, kerbs, driving on uneven surfaces and through general wear and tear. It is therefore essential to maintain accurate alignment of your wheels, to ensure their quality and performance remains optimal.

What is a Wheel Alignment?

Wheel alignment refers to the angle of your wheels in comparison to each other and the body of your vehicle. Wheel alignment is adjusted by altering the vehicle's suspension. Using state of the art technology, Tyre Specialists at Tyres and More are able to accurately determine exactly how much adjustment is required and apply accordingly. We recommend that you get your wheel alignment checked at least every 10000km as well as any time you experience a change in the driving or handling of your vehicle.

What are the Warning Signs of Misaligned Wheels?

The angle of your wheels can become skewed over time causing various changes to your driving experience. Warning signs that it is time to get your wheel alignment checked:

1. Uneven tread wear
2. A steering wheel that is off-centre when driving straight
3. Vehicle pulling off to the left or right
Why is Wheel Alignment Important?

Maintaining proper wheel alignment is essential to avoid unnecessary wear on your tyres, steering, suspension and brakes. Accurate wheel alignment optimises driving stability, maximises tyre life and improves your vehicle's overall handling performance.

From alignment checks to balancing and rotation, Expert Spanners make sure your car rolls smoothly and safely to get you where you need to go. Each of our technicians can help you with any wheel problems you're having and makes sure that your car is safe, secure, and ready to handle the miles you need to travel. Book in your next wheel alignment check with Expert Spanners by calling +91 999 433 5550 / 83 / 84 today!

Seat cover & Leather restore

Seat Covers

If you're looking for car seat covers in the OMR - Chennai area then you have to visit Expert Spanners. Our leather seat covers are custom auto upholstery tailored to your car. Regular seat covers simply cover your seat, but adding our seat covers to your car is a great way to increase its value while also greatly improving your driving experience.

Our auto upholstery experts are some of the best and most experienced in Chennai. Our technicians can and have worked on replacing and installing leather seats to virtually every vehicle on the road with a few luxury exceptions. To give you even more peace of mind, we offer a 3-year warranty on all our custom leather car seat repair and upholstery services.

Polishing & Detailing

Let your car shine like a DIAMOND We aim to preserve your confidence in your vehicles appearance by totally looking after all the small details to restore, polish and protect both the interior and exterior of your car. Our state of auto service and equipment has been expertly chosen to produce the unrivalled results.

What We Do For You
* Comprehensive external wash with quality detergents inside our closed/air tight facility.
* Rims and engine bay deep cleaning
* Clay bar application - to remove roughness on your car paint surface.
* Complete frame and paint surface polish with 3 minimum applications - depending on paint condition & swirl marks.
* Special attention given to chrome and stainless steel components.
* Headlights/Taillights polishing and discolouration removal.
* Final wax application
Our detailing involves
* Full Interior & Exterior Detailing
* Exterior Buff, Polish, & Wax
* Tar Removal
* Deep Shampoo Cleaning
* Mold and Odor Removal
* Vacuum Interior
* Interior & Exterior Window Cleaning
* Water Damage / Leak Repair
* Engine Steam Cleaning
* Headlight Restoration
* Complete Auto Glass Services

Sun Films

Using finest quality of films from selective brands Expert Spanners can give you a high quality service and fair price including warranty. Window film is the one product that starts working for you the minute it's installed on your car, offering benefits beyond your needs. Window film blocks up to 99% of damaging ultraviolet light and rejects as much as 61% of uncomfortable solar heat, protect the investment in your vehicle with automotive window film, provides the comfort, style and solar protection that keep you driving cooler and looking great in your car.

Why Sun Films?
Heat & Light Rejection

Depending on your selection of tint, up to 65% of the Sun's total energy can be reflected away from your vehicle. If your vehicle is fitted with air-conditioning this should provide savings on your fuel and running costs. Not only that but tinting can reduce interior fading and help maintain the value of your vehicle.


In the event of a broken window, tinting film protects the occupants of the vehicle from flying glass by holding shattered glass in place. All our tints provide you with this protection. Furthermore, all our tints offer 99% UV light rejection.

Enhance Style & Appearance

Look cool and feel even cooler with tinted windows featuring superior-quality window films. Control Heat, UV & GlareUncomfortable heat, distracting glare, and faded interiors can ruin any road trip. Our solar control film will keep your car's interior cool and comfortable.

Car Wrapping

Vehicle wraps are quickly becoming the go-to alternative for any enthusiast looking to update their automobile with an aesthetic that's a little out of the ordinary. In the old days, if you wanted your car to be a different color your only option was to have the entire thing completely repainted. This usually took weeks if not months at a regular body shop, would ruin the resale value of your vehicle, and would cost thousands more than a wrap! Luckily there is a new way to change the color of your car without having to deal with any of those downsides. Using large sheets of 3-4 mills thick vinyl, we can custom wrap your entire vehicle in a seemingly endless variety of film combinations.

As every car has a different shape, each vehicle wrap we take on is like its own game where we strategically orchestrate the installation to minimize the amount of (or even eliminate when possible) seams in the vinyl. With less visible seams, it gets even harder to tell our wraps apart from a high quality paint job!

Ceramic Coating

Do you want to protect your paintwork and give your car a deep glass-like shine that lasts and lasts? Ceramics are the hardest substances known to man and technology exists to apply a thin (nano) coating of clear ceramic to your car. Because ceramics are so hard there is not better protection possible. Not only do ceramic nano coatings give your car a glass-like deep shine, they also resist dirt, so you clean it a lot less. Also, ceramic coatings protect your paintwork from small chips and scratches. There is not better way to protect the original paintwork of a car other than by using a ceramic nano coating. Ceramic coatings are also "sacrificial" that means that they slowly wear down over the course of about three years which is one way in which they maintain their lustre.

Audio & DSP

Why upgrade your audio?

Over time your factory fitted car audio system can build up dust and dirt which can prevent it from functioning at peak performance. Upgrading your speakers will give you a noticeable increase in audio quality.

Modern cars are equipped with sophisticated user-friendly controls and factory fitted options such as Bluetooth, parking sensors and DAB. So, why change them? All you need is better equipment to upgrade your sound. Three steps to better audio.

Add Bass

Good sound starts with adding the part that missing on most modern systems - bass. The rhythm and the life in all music. The simple OPTISOUND bass systems will give you all the depth and bass required to bring you system back to life.

Amplify your speakers

The factory fitted products cannot compete with the power and dynamic sound from a high standard amplifiers we have . What's more the range includes a simple plug and play Micro amplifier to easily improve the sound without changing your stereo.

Upgrade your speakers

Upgrade your speakers and start with the products fitted closest to your ear first! invest in the front speakers. Adding detail with high quality tweeters and sound deadening to enhance your sound further.

To shop and install - high quality subs, speakers and amplifiers which fits your car at affordable price, have a visit to Expert Spanners today.

DSP - Digital Signal Processing

Interested in making your daily driver sound better? We can do that! DSP is the future and we can provide this amazing, breathtaking experience for you. DSP or Digital Signal Processing is a life changing experience. We can make your system sound amazing! When it's done correctly, the bass is blended, in phase, and smooth & not over bearing. The mid-highs & mid range are smooth and natural and vibrant. You will hear instruments you never heard before, and enjoy every type of music genre with total accuracy.

There is an astounding difference with DSP in comparison to anything you've heard before. Mid vocal should come from the center of the dash, like a center channel. This comes into play on many occasions: Listen to talk radio? This is perfect for you, the vocal is cleaned up, accurate, and not bass heavy or muddy. They talk in the center of the dash and not off to one side. When you switch to music, that carries over and vocal is still in the center, accurate, and smooth. It's a much better experience. Very expensive cars like Audi, Lexus, Mercedes and some others come from the factory like this, but it's not totally perfect. Why pay high figures to get that kind of sound? We can give you that accuracy and sound quality for far less!

The best part about DSP is we're able to do it with an factory head unit. We understand that most newer vehicles come with all the features you want, they just don't sound good. We can definitely fix that for you! DSP can change dramatically per vehicle or application, so there are quite a few options for channels and brands. We take care of all that for you, so you're only simple decision is what speakers you want, and how much control you want over the system. We explain everything when going over all this with you.

The overall process of doing DSP is difficult, but your decisions to make it happen are not. We just want to give you the best experience possible in your car. Why not right? You do spend a lot of time in your car, why not make it the most enjoyable experience might help take your mind off the terrible traffic. Take your ears and your mind on an adventure with your favorite music where the instruments tell the story.

Floor Mats

At Expert Spanners, we offer a wide variety of professionally tailored car mats to fit all makes and models of cars. Our premium quality products are everything that you could want to protect your vehicles interior and more. Finding the right products for your car is now effortless. Expert Spanners brings you superior quality customized car mats in OMR - Chennai, which last longer and can do their job excellently.

Our range of custom car mats are available in a selection of different materials and colours ensuring they compliment your car's interior. Unlike cheap car mats that are designed to 'fit' all vehicles, our tailored car mats are produced by skilled machinists using the latest technology and are hand-finished to ensure the perfect fit for your vehicle. All of our products are made to order to ensure they fit your bespoke requirements.

Expert Spanner provides below types of Floor Mats
* 7D mats
* 3D mats
* Rubber mats
* Carpet mats
* Noodles mat

Car Accessories

Looking for an accessory for your car? Expert Spanners offers one of the biggest range of car accessories in Sholinganallur, OMR - Chennai. Our range of vehicle accessories covers car care, car cleaning products, in-car entertainment, electrical car parts, safety products and accessories to boost security.

Expert Spanners provides below accessories

* Booster Packs and Jump Leads(cables),
* Car First Aid Kits,
* In Car Fire Extinguishers,
* Warning Triangles,
* Add Horns,
* Arm Rest,
* Power Handle,
* Gear Knobs,
* Steering Covers,
* Wheel Wrenches,
* Tow Ropes & Poles,
* Tyre Inflators,
* Daytime Running Lights,
* Fog Lamps & Driving Lights,
* LED Bulbs,
* Replacement Xenon Bulbs,
* Upgrade Headlamp Bulbs,
* Xenon Conversion Kits,
* Bumper guards,
* 12v Multi Adapters,
* Car Air Fresheners,
* Door Guards,
* Seat Belt Pads,
* Seat Covers,
* Tyre Valve Caps,
* Wheel Trims,
* Wind deflectors,
* Car Aerials,
* Complete Car Covers,
* Sun Shades and much more...